Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

We celebrated Anja's 3rd birthday last Sunday. Since she doesn't really have a group of friends yet we just did a family party. I was a little concerned she'd be disappointed since the week before we celebrated her Nana's birthday and Anja asked where all the people were. Thankfully she was so excited for cake and presents, that she didn't mention anything about the lack of guests.

About a year ago I found a package of Eric Carl birthday decorations and bought it thinking that I wouldn't have time to hand make decorations for EVERY birthday party. At first I wasn't crazy about the theme (I tend to shy away from bright colours), but as I planned her party it really grew on me and I ended up really liking it.
Since I didn't have to make the decorations for this party, I had time to make some outfits for my girls. I used old t-shirts to make Anja's dress & flower clip and made her legwarmers from some knee high socks.

I used the left over fabric from the t-shirts I used for Anja's dress and decorated a plain blue onesie for Isla. I also made her legwarmers out of knee high socks.

We celebrated her birthday in the morning (because Anja was too excited to wait) and had pancakes before cake. I added green dye and we made them into Hungry Caterpillars.

This amazing cake was made by Tanya English. Anja was so excited when she saw it. Check out Tanya's other fabulous cakes at her facebook page what-a-character cakes. And if you'd like to contact her about making you a cake you can email her at: whatacharactercakes@hotmail.com.

You know those cute pictures where kids pose with their hands nicely folded under their chins? ...we tried.

She LOVED her cake and was so excited to blow out her candles.

Even the inside of the cake looked pretty.

Buzby's piece of cake.

Pin the Tail on the Elephant: I taped some fabric inside an animal mask to make a cute blindfold.

Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful girl!

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  1. Such a great theme! Looks like it was a perfect party down to every last detail.