Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby's 1st Birthday Party

So, the baby of our family has turned one. I find all of her milestones bittersweet since we will not be experiencing any of these milestones in our family again. (Yes, I am done having babies! Our family is complete with 3 beautiful children, except for maybe the unavoidable dog in the distant future!) I was quite stressed planning her party because I wanted it to feel just as special as our other children's 1st birthdays. But, I just don't have the same amount of time to plan as I did with the other two. That being said, in the end I was very happy with how her birthday turned out.

I decided to plan the theme of her party around her birthday outfit. I found the patterns for her outfit and shoes in Amy Buttler's "Stitches for Little Ones".  After making her outfit, I used the colours from the fabric to pick out cardstock and make some decorations.

The inspiration from the party hats came from the blog "girl.inspired."

This was my first attempt at cake pops. I should have practiced more before the party! I used a pumpkin spice recipe. It called for pumpkin to be mixed in with the frosting and I think I added too much pumpkin. The cake pops were falling off the sticks as soon as they thawed. :(

I "upcycled" a shirt from Value Village to make hair accessories for the party.
For the wall behind her highchair I displayed photos of her from every month since she was born. I found the idea for the paper bag flowers from "aplaceforusblog"

We had to strip her down after she demolished her cake. I was happy I had taken of her birthday outfit and just left on a onesie. It was completely ruined from the chocolate.

Felt animal mask party favours

All partied out!!!


  1. Such a sophisticated palette for a little one's birthday...works beautifully! Love those paper bag flowers, too. :-)

  2. Loved the whole party! The masks, birthday hat, and flowers on the wall are my favorites. That skor trifle is making my mouth water....

  3. Love your choice of color scheme! How did you get the kids to be so "coordinated" with it?