Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

There were lots of celebrations at preschool today. We of course celebrated Valentine's Day and also Eli's birthday. I stayed to help out. It was fun to see how my boy interacts at school. I'm so proud of him. All the kids exchanged Valentine's cards. Eli was so excited that he spent the majority of his time at preschool guarding his Valentine's box. With the help of photoshop I created Eli's Valentine's cards.

I made the kids heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and gave them a few Valentine's chocolates.

Eli decided to decorate his pancake with his chocolates.

Anja had them all eaten before I even got her pancake on her plate.

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  1. I love those Maja! I saw that on Pinterest but it was too late because we had started signing the 40 required valentines a few days prior. I have it pinned for next year though!! It would be cute as a "thanks for coming to my party" in a grab bag too!