Friday, March 9, 2012

The IKEA Skirt

Dana from MADE has a tutorial for the most adorable skirt she calls The Market Skirt. I used it to make skirts for my girls which I renamed  "The IKEA skirt". I'm trying to decrease my fabric stash and found IKEA fabric I've been hanging on to for over six years. I thought the plaid pattern was perfect for Dana's "Market Skirt". She suggests using thicker fabric for the white bands and pockets and I just happened to have an old curtain from IKEA just waiting to be transformed. Today was cleaning day at my house and after the house is all clean I like to take the kids out somewhere fun. This not only preserves the clean house, but also rewards the kids for their help. Today I decided to take them to IKEA to play and thought it would be the perfect photo op for their new skirts.
I just happened to have two navy shirts in the perfect sizes for my girls laying around in my fabric stash. I chopped off the sleeves using Christie's tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home to finish them off. Then I used the extra fabric from the sleeves to girly-up the shirt with a ruffle.

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